Bobken Automatics – Manufacturer of Precision Screw Machine Parts

Bobken Automatics
Oakville Quality Products LLC
d.b.a. Bobken Automatics
28 Main Street, PO Box 131
Oakville Connecticut 06779 USA

Toll Free: (866) 757-5525
Office Direct: (203) 757-5525

Bobken Automatics is a manufacturing company specializing in high quality close-tolerance screw machine parts for a number of applications, including automotive, electronics, heating & air conditioning, security systems, aerospace, medical, government, industrial and home goods. The company’s parts are inspected throughout the manufacturing process in order to assure the finished products meet your requirements, including material, finishing and manufacturing certificates for your review. Bobken Automatics is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment, including Davenport, Swiss, Brown & Sharpe and CNC capabilities as well as turning, milling, cross drilling, cross tapping, rigid tapping, knurling, thread rolling and grinding. The company can also accommodate anodizing, plating and heat treating requirements. The company works with all types of metals and nylon. Turned parts of all types can be produced in sizes ranging from .093” to 3” diameter. Bobken Automatics is in the process of qualifying for ISO 9001 certification. The company follows quality procedures in manufacturing processes, control of non-conforming products, supplier qualification, inspection & control of monitoring and measurement equipment, purchasing & materials control, employee training, management review, and customer response and follow-up.

(203) 757-5525

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