Corrosion Materials – Nickel and Related Alloys In Various Forms

Company Name: Corrosion Materials
City, State: Bolingbrook, Illinois
Business Type: Machine Shop
Category: Machining

Corrosion Materials is a global supplier of corrosion resistant alloys that meet ASME, ASTM and ANSI standards. In business for over 40 years, the 9001:2000 registered company offers Hastelloy®, titanium, nickel alloys, Stellite® and other alloy products in sheets, rods, pipes, bars, flanges, pipe plugs, pipe nipples, tubing, nuts, screws, bolts, threaded tube fittings, bushings and other forms. Capabilities include lathe machining, bandsawing, heat treating, precision machining, waterjet cutting, plasma burning, shearing, sawing, welding, fabrication and other services. Corrosion Materials has over 100,000 square foot of space dedicated to nickel and related alloys.

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