Grand Niagara Machine, Inc. – Tool & Die Making, CNC Machining and Welding Services

Company Name: Grand Niagara Machine, Inc.
City, State: Sanborn, New York
Telephone: (716) 731-5628
Category: Tooling

Grand Niagara Machine is a small job shop specializing in Tooling for Production Lines, Prototypes, Specialty Tools, Turning, Millwork, Grinding, Welding, and Production Work for aerospace, aircraft, transportation, oil & gas, military & defense, electronics, and agricultural industries. Capabilities include CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC drilling, tool & die making, TIG & MIG welding, free hand welding, tool & die making, thread milling, and bar feeding. The company’s production capabilities includes prototypes and short run with machining tolerance of +/-.0005 in. for CNC machining and +/-1/32 in. for welding services . Materials processed include plastic, exotic metals, cast iron, MonelĀ®, tool steel, and composites. Other materials offered are stainless steel, steel, titanium, bronze, carbon steel, InconelĀ®, aluminum, brass, and nickel. Grand Niagara Machine, Inc. is listed on AMSN under the categories of CNC drilling, carbon steel fabrication, metal turning, welding services, aluminum parts fabrication, short run manufacturing, prototyping, aerospace CNC machining, plastic turning, exotic metal CNC machining, and composite prototypes. The company is located in Sanborn, NY which is conveniently located on the southern side of the intersection of New York State Route 429 and New York State Route 31.

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