J. Soehner Corporation – Precision Machine Shop Specializing In Grinding Services

Company Name: J. Soehner Corporation
City, State: Lynbrook, New York
Telephone: (516) 599-2535
Category: Grinding Services

Founded in 1948, The J. Sorhner Corporation is a precision machine shop that specializes in grinding operations. Capabilities include thread grinding, cylindrical grinding, and double disc grinding services. Secondary services include CNC machining and quality/inspection services. The New York company services primarily automotive, medical, aerospace, aircraft, guidance systems industries. The company is capable of manufacturing complete parts and also do subcontract grinding work for shops that do not have grinding equipment or who are overloaded. Precision thread grinding capabilities include Unified, Worms, Multi Start Worms, Catalog Worms, Metric Worms, ACME, Multi Start ACME
Buttress, Square, Metric Threads, Lead Screws, Jackscrews, and Worm Shafts. The company is equipped with a variety of grinding machines, including 10 Tschudin Grinders, Drake grinder, Mitsui Seiki grinder, Reishauer grinder, EX-CELL-O grinder, 4 Okamoto Grinders for internal grinding (.D.’s from .090″ to 7″), and 2 Gardner grinders for double disc grinding. J. Soehner Corp. can grinding small parts to tolerances of .250″ to 6″ in diameter, .025″ to 1″ in thickness, .0005″ within flat and parallel, .0005″ in thickness tolerance.

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