Langair Machining, Inc. – Full-Service Machine Shop Serving Aircraft & Other Industries

Langair Machining, Inc.
33094 Church Road
Warren, OR 97053
Tel: 503-310-5946

Langair Machining, Inc. is a full service machine shop catering to the small airplane industry as well as sporting goods and automotive racing industries. The company has been making gear legs for experimental aircraft since 1969. Langair Machining, Inc. is owned and operated by Harmon C. Lange. Harmon has been making Tailwind type landing gear since 1969. The business got a new home in Wausau, Wisconsin. in 1974. It was there that Harmon began a small machine shop. In 1995 Langair Machining, Inc. moved to its present location in Warren, Oregon, 25 miles NW of Portland.

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