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APM Machine, LLC - Manufacturer of high quality CNC machined parts.

Machine Shop Service

Machine Shop Services

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A machine shop service is comprised of many different types of traditional, modern, secondary and specialty services. Get to know more about these together with some of the most common materials dealt with by some industries.

A machine shop service is obviously connected to a machine shop. This shop can be a small room for machining jobs but at times, it can also be referred to as a large company responsible for delivering such services. The service is said to be special in its own way especially that it makes use of specialized machines to deliver the goods to its avid patrons.

Companies, these days are given the option to choose in between conventional or contemporary services. The traditional ones include planing, reaming and shaping. On the list of modern services, you will find photochemical grinding, ultrasonic grinding and electro chemical grinding.

When speaking of specialized machine shop services, what you should take note of is the fact that the service usually focuses on fabricating finished metal parts. At the same time, this encompasses removal of excess metals from the constructed part. In this list, you will find machining services such as drilling, boring, milling and honing. This may also include jig grinding, laser grinding, double disc grinding and centerless grinding. There are also such things as EDM, creep deed grinding and internal grinding.

This includes design assistance services such as that of CAD and CAM. It is also focused on additional services like JIT delivery, prototyping and reverse engineering. Electroplating, heat treating, lapping, stress relieving and anodizing are also secondary operations performed in machine shops.

Some machine shops vary when it comes to the materials they can deal with. Some may focus on non-metals while some may also gear towards metals. The most common non-metals dealt with by this type of service are stone, glass, wood, composites, ceramics, granite, quartz and marble. Metals, on the other hand, include copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, titanium, nickel alloys and hardened metals.

Much has been spoken about the different types of specialized services offered in machine shops. But not much has been said about the real purpose of the service. When speaking of specialty machine shop service, you must bear in mind that it is made purposely for creating tools, gears, dies, jigs and fixtures. These shops are also made for forging and casting certain components. Furthermore, they perform grinding and thread rolling services.

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