MCE Waterjet – Abrasive Water-jet Cutting Services For Custom Fabricated Products

Company Name: MCE Waterjet
City, State: Bloomington, Indiana
Telephone: 812-349-3000
Category: Abrasive Water-jet Cutting

MCE Waterjet specializes in abrasive water-jet cutting services for custom fabricated products for manufacturing/industrial, aerospace and medical industries. The Indiana-based job shop provides abrasivejet cutting of materials on a Maxiem 1530 waterjet machine. The Maxiem 1530 has a 10’2? by 5’2? travel, and can handle weights of 250 lbs/sq. foot. The company can provide abrasive waterjet cutting services using sourced material or customer-supplied material. Materials worked with include steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, copper, carbon fiber, titanium, rubber, foam, stone (marble, granite & limestone) as well as glass, acrylic, composites, ceramics, porcelain, polycarbonates, wood and leather. Precision tolerance is .003″, and the in-house machining can handle weights of 250 lbs/sq. foot. MCE Waterjet was formed by a teaming agreement between MSP Aviation Inc. and Maddock Construction Equipment, LLC using the expertise of MSP Aviation’s waterjet experience in the aerospace and defense industries along with Maddock Construction Equipment’s expertise in the design and manufacture of specialized construction equipment machinery. The company is conveiently located in Bloomington, Indiana, about one hour south from metropolitan Indianapolis.

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