Merchant’s Fabrication, Inc. – Industrial Fabrication, Machining, Prototyping and Manufacturing

Company Name: Merchant’s Fabrication, Inc.
City, State: Westboro, Massachusetts
Telephone: 508-784-6700
Category: Machining & Fabrication

Merchant’s Fabrication has been a full-service metal plate and structural shape, sub-contract manufacturer specializing in the machine building industry since 1965. The Massachusetts company specializes in machining and fabricating services provided for custom manufactured products. Services include design, prototyping, manufacturing, cutting (waterjet, 2-axis, 3-axis and abrasive jet machining, nesting, and water only cutting), punching, sheet metal fabrication, shearing, sawing, riveting, perforating, hemming, bending, forming, forming, rolling, welding, grinding, finishing, polishing and tumbling. Merchant’s has the ability to meet the needs of unique, complex, high-tolerance fabrications as well as short and long run parts. The company works with a wide range of materials, including aluminum, armor, beryllium, brass, bronze, carbide, carbon fiber, carbon steel, ceramics, chromium, cobalt, concrete, copper, exotic metals, foam, glass, granite, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Invar®, iron, lead, magnesium, marble, Micarta®, G-10, molybdenum, Monel®, nickel, palladium, plastic, plexiglass, precious metals, quartz, rubber, sapphire, stainless steel, steel, steel, stone, superalloy, tantalum, tile, tin, titanium, tool steel, tungsten, Waspalloy®, wood, zinc, and zirconium. Industries served include aerospace, alternative energy, biotech, food and beverage, medical, and paper. Merchant’s Fabrication, Inc. is fully equipped to meet your fabrication needs.

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