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Metal Fabrication Services: Different Stages Involved in the Process

Metal fabrication services are needed by a lot of industries. Wonder, how the process works? There are different stages involved – all of these are worth taking note of.

There are a wide array of metal fabrication services ranging from welding, drilling, cutting and stamping to bending, shaping and lathing. Aside from these services, there are still other types used in order to deal with specific metals like that of copper. In this regard, services known as particleboard and composite fabrication are needed.

But, what exactly are metal fabrication services?

Metal fabrication is that process of converting raw materials into construction machines and other structures. Those that specialize in this type of service are popularly known as metal fabricators while the company is termed as a fab shop. This process is classified under added value types simply because they add value to the material or the product.

The metal fabrication process

Metal fabrication services are rendered only after a series of processes are made. First, contractors, resellers and equipment manufacturers will look for qualified fab shops for their project. After that, these fabricators will start making their designs to bid for the particular endeavor. Then, the company will award the project to the winning bidder.

The winner will then begin planning the entire project. They will start by ordering the right sets of raw materials from another company. Moreover, they will also hire manufacturing engineers to set the CNC machine that will be used to accomplish the project. A portion of the work may be sub-contracted as agreed upon by the metal fabricator and the client especially when the project requires some special needs.

In order to come up with metal fabrication services, the fabricator will also use different sets of materials in the process. Welding wire, castings and fittings are added to basic materials such as pre-formed, expanded or plate metals. With the aid of cutting torches and saws, these materials will be cut to its desired shape. In cases of metals, dies, rolling machines and tube bending machines will be required. These individual parts will be welded together before it is sent off for sand blasting or painting. From there, the product will be inspected before the product is delivered to the end user.

Metal fabrication services are delivered depending on the specific needs of the client. Some companies concentrate on a basic service that they can actually specialize on. Electrical as well as hydraulic services may be included in the basic processes known as casting, forging, brazing, drawing, shearing, spinning, welding and punching. These services can also make use of secondary operations such as plating, painting or powder coating and assembly.

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