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USA Precision & Fabrication - Specializing In Machining and Manufacturing Services Since 1986.

Lyman-Morse Fabrication - Established & Trusted Source For Custom-Made Metal Fabrication Projects.

Cedar Industries, Inc. - Full service machine shop capable of systems integration, machine design and build.

JB Machine - CNC machining, production machining, one off jobs and prototyping as well as repair and maintenance capabilities.

EX-Factory Metal - Online Dealer Of New and Used Metalworking & Fabricating Machines and Equipment.

CMS Tool & Die Inc. - Full Service Precision CNC Machine Shop.

Focus: HOPE Industries, Inc. - CNC Machining, Development, and Engineering Services.

Peak Manufacturing - Machining, milling, Swiss screw, turning, CNC Machine.

Northern Machining - CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Super Finishing, Welding and Fabrication, Grinding, Inspecting...

Laurel Wire Company - Wire Straightening and Cutting Services For Various Industries

Lincoln Tool and Machine Corp. - Precision CNC Machining Specialists.

Ad Mackay, Inc. - Distributor of High Purity Metals, Non-Ferrous, Precious, Specialty, Alkali and Refractory Metals.

B&D Precision Machine -Machining Job Shop, CNC and Manual Milling, CNC & Manual Lathe Work.

Gentec Manufacturing, Inc. - Full service ISO 9001:2008 Certified CNC Precision Machine Shop.

Cox Manufacturing Co. - Screw Machine Products and Precision Turned Products Manufacturer.

Dynamic Precision - CNC Machining, Surface Coating, Prototype Machining, and Tuck Products.

Aero-Technologies West, LLC - CNC Milling, Turning, 4-Axis Machining...

Brown Machine & Fabrication, Inc. - Machining, Fabrication, Welding, Engineering & Design.

AmeriFormance LLC - Precision CNC Machine Shop.

Bobken Automatics - Manufacturer of Precision Machine Parts.

Orbital Manufacturing - Complex Machining Specialists Manufacturing High Quality Parts To Your Specifications.

TriDelta Systems LLC - Complete manufacturing systems solutions provider.

APM Machine, LLC - Manufacturer of high quality CNC machined parts.

Precision Machined Parts

Precision Machined Parts

Submit an RFQ for Precision Machined Parts can help you find a manufacturer capable of meeting even the most complex needs. We have relationships with a number of manufacturers specializing in producing custom-made machined precision parts for a number of industries. Including those offering a complete range of value-added services such as CNC precision machining, drilling, grinding, boring, milling and turning of steel, iron and aluminum products. only represents machine shops in the USA that will manufacture your parts to ISO standards. We are proud to say the shops in our network employ some of the most highly skilled CNC machinists in the country. You should not settle for anything less than quality production when it comes to precision machined parts. Many companies that use our services are often surprized to learn you do not need to go offshore to get a good value on made-to-order machined precision parts. You can have it done right here in the United States at a very competitive price and at top notch quality.

Precision machined parts are extremely important because without them we would not have the chance to enjoy thousands of luxurious and necessity items. Precision-machined parts, contrary to popular belief, are not only limited to metal, but to a whole variety of different materials, such as ceramic, plastic and wood. Having a vast range of materials simply gives manufacturers more options and ways to get innovative. For example, using the precision machining method on metal and plastic has given car manufacturers so many different options as to what they can include in the interior and exterior of their cars.

Did you ever wonder how the beautifully and precisely cut dashboard fits perfectly into the front of the car? Well, that is due to precision-machined parts. Precision-machined parts are also included in home appliances, such as refrigerators and microwaves. They are included in furniture, such as sofas, tables and beds. The list is endless and you would be surprised as to how dependent manufacturers are on precision-machined parts.

Precision-machined parts are made by using complicated machinery controlled by computers. Interestingly, men initially operated the same equipment and machinery, but it was not as efficient as the current method. Manufacturers experienced a number of different problems with manual labor. For starters, manual labor did not have the productivity to meet year round demand; they could only concentrate on a single project at one time. Even then, manual labor constantly missed the delivery date. Moreover, it also squandered many raw materials due to inaccurate cutting and designing of parts.

The previous method required a lot of labor, and the labor was expensive because it was a high-risk job, both problems that are close to being eliminated with the new method that is being used. Workers were constantly were injured due to mishandling of the equipment. Owners did not want to put people in danger and being responsible and liable for injuries, so once the machining method was computerized it was a no brainer to replace the manual labor. The current method is fast, efficient and much cheaper than the previous one.

Relationships in this industry are usually very volatile, unless a certain manufacturer does an outstanding job with an order. Regardless of what ends a business relationship, companies and organizations that produce specific products will continue to need precision machined parts. Therefore, instead of running around themselves trying to get in touch with different fabricators, they should look to consult MFGpartners that works only to fulfill the needs of these companies. MFGpartners have a complete list of shops and machining experts all over the country. These shops and fabricators are some of the best in the market and they approach MFGpartners to advertise, which is one MFGpartners main business. This is one of the top ranked online and consultation directories, which is why both buyers and sellers of precision machined parts are always crowding it. There is no doubt that if someone turns to them that they will go home unhappy.

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