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Thin Metal Parts

Thin Metal Parts

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Thin metal parts core processes provide design flexibility in developing various custom manufactured solutions in different applications. Likewise, thin metal parts also match product specifications that are cost-effective in delivering high quality parts. It is also a better alternative to conventional fabrication procedures of making metal parts either in prototyping or high volumes. It is because thin metal parts involve low cost in tooling processes and yield quick-turn.

The processes used in thin metal parts are different from thick metals. If you are planning to start a business that involves producing thin metal parts, you should know the various processes and procedures. Photochemical etching is one of the processes used in thin metal parts. This process is cost-effective and the best alternative in using stamping. The good thing about photochemical etching is that it is more accurate and faster to employ regardless of how intricate the thin metal parts are.

There are various uses of thin metal parts. Firstly, it is used in chemical etching. Thin metal parts have different thicknesses that are ideal in making different applications and designs. In the same manner, chemical etching can be integrated with laser-cutting and electroforming in order to yield highly complicated designs. There are several advantages of using thin metal parts in chemical etching such as quick tooling, vertical chemical milling, collimated light exposure system and clean photolithographic area.

Some of the advantages of using photochemical etching in thin metal parts are the following. The tooling costs is cheaper and does not require recurring charge provided that the tools do not change. However, if changes occur it can be made inexpensively and quickly. Likewise, tooling can be made in few days. In employing photo etching, the client can design slots in the thin metal parts that are impossible with stamping. In the same manner, you can also input graphics such as electrical locations, part numbers, logos and many others.

Likewise, thin metal parts are also utilized in electroforming because of its flexibility in the process. In the same manner, thin metal parts involve low-cost tooling and cost-effective in production. Thus, thin metal parts are preferred in manufacturing flat electroformed parts. Some of the products manufactured in using thin metal parts in electroforming include wave guides, micro gears and springs, heat sinks, shuttle blades, decorative items, ink jet nozzles, micro valves, micro resonators and many others.

Moreover, through the aid of high technology laser equipment thin metal parts can achieve outstanding combination of tolerances, edge quality and feature sizes. The thin metal parts are advantageous to use because of its exceptional performance on metals not suitable for etching that include tungsten and titanium. In addition, this kind of metal parts is used in superior photo-plotting in manufacturing Mylar tooling that is used in creating chrome glass products.

Metal encoder wheels are made from thin metal parts. This codewheels are designed to withstand high precision applications. This product has high corrosion resistance as well as provides superior stability in high shock environments and high-temperature. Thus, codewheels that are made from thin metal parts ensures better resolution, greater design capability, closer tolerances and increased consistency.

Likewise, in electroforming process thin metal reduces the surface tension provided by the metal encoder wheel. Thus, it minimizes the possibility of warping. The humidity and temperature have no impact on the codewheels that is why it is cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Another procedure used in thin metal parts is soldering. Manufacturing metal is different as compared to plastic products. It is necessary to know the different ways and materials used especially in thin metal parts. Obviously, knowing how to fix metals is quite challenging if you do not have idea on how to do it. The most common process of fixing metal parts is through soldering. It is not easy to employ soldering especially in thin metal parts but it ensures strong bond. If you do not know how to solder thin metal parts then you should read on this article.

The first thing to consider is secure all the materials and supplies needed in soldering. Definitely, you will need soldering iron that has small tip since you will use it in thin metal parts. You should be very careful in using the soldering iron because the heat can damage the thin metal parts. Another supply that you will need is the solder that is a soft metal available in rolls of wire. It is available in electrical stores and hardware and comes in various thicknesses. Thin wire solder is ideal in soldering thin metal parts. Likewise, you will also need holders and clamps that can help you keep the thin metal parts in place during soldering.

Before starting soldering the thin metal parts, you should ensure that everything is prepared as well as the work area. You should keep in mind that soldering works only on clean metal. That is why you should ensure that the thin metal is free from grease. Wiping the metal with paper towel will get rid of the grease. Otherwise, the solder will not bind into the thin metal parts if the part is not cleaned properly. Make sure that the thin metal parts are keep in place to ensure easy soldering and fast hardening of solder. Although soldering thin metal parts seems very easy but without proper understanding on how to employ, it will take long time doing the soldering.

There are many metal manufacturing companies that are using thin metal parts in producing different products. Therefore, if you are looking for manufacturer you should choose one that has expertise in thin metal parts. You can try the services of MFGpartners that is one of the leading metal manufacturers. They offer various services involving metal manufacturing such as thin metal parts, powder metal parts and many others. You can expect that they provide high quality products in timely manner.

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