American Metal Fab, Inc. – Full-Service Metal Fabrication, Shearing, Press Work, Machining, Forming…

Company Name: American Metal Fab, Inc.
City, State: Three Rivers, Michigan
Telephone: 269-279-5108
Category: Metal Fabrication

Established in 1975, American Metal Fab (AMF) offers a variety of fabricating solutions working with a variety of metals. The Michigan company is a full service custom fabrication manufacturer with state-of-the-art equipment specializing in punching, forming, stamping, welding, laser and finishing services. Equipment includes a punch press to force punches through the work piece, creating a hole by way of shearing. The process passes through the work into a die creating a desired punch or hole in the selected depending on the material. AMF is also equipped with press brakes ranging in capacity from 60 tons to 230 tons for Stamping 3-dimensional part, hot forming & cold forming as well as pressed and extruded parts. Full range of welding services is offered, including MIG, TIG, robotic welding and resistance spot welding. Welding applications range from simple components to large assemblies. Finishing capabilities include painting, deburring, powder coating as well as value added services such as riveting, assembly, wiring, hardware, PEM, die cutting, embossing, packaging and fulfillment. For those in need of laser cutting, AMF is also equipped with 5 lasers to cut custom parts from a variety of materials, including prototypes and production runs with capability to turn out 100,000 parts per quarter. American Metal Fab, Inc. serves a wide range of industries in need of shearing, forming, press work, turrets, machining, and other custom manufacturing services.

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